Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does Louis only seem to only buy/drink red bordeaux?

The answer is pretty boring, not to mention a bit silly, which is why I'm putting this story here instead of telling it every chance I get. I was watching "Hardtalk" on BBC News 24 one night when Donald Sutherland was being interviewed by Tim Sebastian. He mentioned that he nowadays only drank red bordeaux - ands said so in a rather unreadable, obviously significant and deliberately obtuse manner.

Obviously he was asked why he did this strange thing - why he had this strange inexplicable proclivity. He explained that, apparently as many people knew, he was not the calmest of men, that he was known to have a temper. And one time when he was seeing someone about something, (it might have been a doctor) he mentioned that he'd been feeling particularly angry in the evenings.

This man asked if perhaps he'd been drinking, to which he replied that he'd had some red beaujolais. The person he was talking to exclaimed that this was not right, that red beaujolais made one angry, and that he would be better off with red bordeaux, which was nice an calming.

Crap story huh?

What are Louis' system specs?

Well, I actually have 2 systems at the moment, one is my notebook that I've had for ages now, and the other is a desktop I built from scratch not too long ago.

My Asus Desktop:

Asus A7N8X-Deluxe Motherboard (Revision 1.04) Bios 1004 Final
2x Crucial 256 MB DDR 2700 (Slot 1 and 2)
1x Crucial 512 MB DDR 2700 (Slot 3) 9-4-4-4 (Optimal)
Athlon XP 2400+, 200FSB x 10 = 2000 @ 1.65V
Vantec AeroFlow 7040, Diode temp 39 idle/42 load
ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500DV, Catalyst 3.6, MMC 8.5
Nvidia SoundStorm
2x Seagate Barracuda 120GB SATA @ RAID 0
Western Digital Special Edition Caviar 120GB
IBM Deskstar 80GB
Antec TruePower 380W
Lite-On DVD-Rom LTD-166S RPC-1
Logitech Z560 Speakers
Windows XP Pro SP-1

My Acer Notebook:

Acer Travelmate 345T
Pentium III 500 MHz
512 PC-100 RAM
Windows 2000 Professional SP-4