Welcome to the my website.  I suppose the best way to start things off is to explain a couple of things. If you have not done so before, you might want to have a look at these two links, as they explain a couple of things: The Flitcraft Parable and Foreign Films.

That done, I should explain how to navigate the structure of the site. On your right is the navigation bar, with links to various portions of the site, as well as several mini sites that fall under the fallingbeam.org domain.

The most important of these is my Blog, which I update regularly, and the Forum, where you can post comments, complaints or problems with the site, or where you can just hang out. I've made it so that anyone can post in the Guest Book (which you are all encouraged to do), but only registered members can post in the other sections. My Resume site is pretty self explanatory. Opera Fanboy is devoted to the Opera Web Browser. The Opera site is still not up.

Below that is my e-mail link, and you can send me e-mail if you like, I can't promise I'll reply.

Klipfolio allows you to read headlines from various sites (esp. news sites) and more importantly, you can get headlines when my blog is updated. Clicking on the button will bring you to where you can download the module that will allow you get updates from my blog.

The Opera button I have is a link to the Opera website, where you can buy a copy (well, a license) of the browser. I'll even get a small commission is you do so.
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