About Me:

Hi, my name is Louis Khor, sometimes known as Khor Wei Wu. This, as I've said, if my website. I was born in 1979, so if you've discovered the wonder of arithmetic you can figure out my age (and save me the trouble of updating this every year or so). I was born in Singapore, though I was technically Malaysian until I finished my NS, having been a PR till then. My ethnicity is Chinese. I can't speak write, read or understand Chinese (Mandarin or otherwise) - largely because I don't want to. My Dutch is probably better than my chinese. I lived in Holland for a couple of years when I was 15 or so. Before that I was a snotty ACS boy. Not surprisingly I went to RJ later on. RJ is a miserable hole. I graduated from the University of York with a degree from their department of English and Related Literatures. With a first no less, of which I'm no doubt inordinately proud. Just before that I had been an Officer in that august organisation known as the SAF. I ended up as a Platoon Commander in BMTC, Echo Company (School 1), first of Platoon 19 then Platoon 3. I'm mostly hanging around Chicago nowadays, and am so not single.

About This Site:

I don't really know what to say about the site, most of the technical issues were worked out with the help of the tools that are found here. The reason for this site is a bit more ephemeral. I've always wanted a site but despite some early abortive attempts, never really got very far. My most significant presence to this date however, has been here, where I kept a blog on blogger.com. Teh urge to create that site and start writing there about myself arose our of rather unhappy feelings, though I have to say some of my earlier entries I'm rather proud of. I intend to have a local archive of that blog here, should the other link ever go dark.